Unleashing the Power Within You

Are you tired of feeling like you are powerless in your own life? Are you silently suffering from cycles of un-success? Is your life lacking achievement?

We help men who are not satisfied with their lives accept and embrace themselves, establish self worth and take ownership of their careers, relationships and personal interactions.

Ulike the long investment of time and money in years of traditional therapy, we have established guided process that will help you to embrace the damaged parts of yourself, forgive yourself and have compassion for yourself in just 90 days.

Discover the power in you to slowly start changing your belief system and the world you live in.

We want YOU to find self-acceptance, self-worth, and happiness so that you can have the life you dream of.

Coach Margret

How the Process Works


The first step is to look at where you are today in 5 primary components of your life - Relationship with Self, Relationships with Others, Career, Intimacy, and Health Together we will do a deep dive to uncover what makes you you - the good and the bad. This will include uncovering limiting beliefs and patterns. Having compassion for yourself is the key to healing.

Action Plan

Once you have seen yourself for who you are creating that roadmap of change takes place. We will help you develop goals, new skills, andnew thought patterns that support your success.


Once you have discovered who you are without judgment, created an action plan to develop new beliefs and action patters that support your success, we will create an accountability plan that reinforces your ability to create lasting change so that you can have the satisfying and fulfilling life you deserve.

Imagine a world ...

Where you could truly and honestly embrace, "I am enough."

Where you can be seen for who you are and not have to change to fit in.

Where you can leave shame, self-hate, loneliness, and insecurities behind and embrace

your best you?


We believe you deserve to own:

your power

your masculine side

your feminine side

your body

your intelligence

your tenacity

your erotic energy

Chat With An Expert

Your enhancement begins with a digital video session with a Goddess. This will provide an opportunity to learn more about the process, your motivations, your goals and allow us to begin designing your program.

Weekly Session

Each week you will have the opportunity to video chat with a Goddess to review your progress and assignments, discuss what you have encountered thus far, and go over new assignments for the following week.

Weekly Dedications

Through the course of the program, you will be given tasks and prompts to work on. Each assignment will be a way to reflect on and express what you learn about yourself and what is being released from within.

Why Do I Specialize in Men's Empowerment

For years, I struggled with feeling not good enough, feeling not seen, feeling not strong enough and isolated from having a meaningful connection to others. I had a great successful job as a wealth manager at a large brokerage firm. As a woman, I had some different challenges to face that you as man might not, but I still pushed through to gain the success I wanted.

However, in addition to those challenges, like you, I felt all the pressures a man would have on top of that. You see my dad never considered I could be born a girl. He, my mother, and my whole family had expected me to be a boy who would follow in his footsteps in the family business. He and my mother were successful in their careers so much so they were both recognized by the state and US Congress as outstanding citizens during my junior year of high school. My mother made it clear that she would not derail her career any more than she had for another child. All of their hopes, dreams and expectations fell on me. Their plan to have a boy who was intelligent, a scholar, emotionally invulnerable, top athlete, popular, and basically perfect didn’t change. I was expected to deny who I was and fulfill that plan. I played on hardball teams rather than softball teams. I played football rather than swam. I didn’t get holidays or vacations like my friends because when I wasn’t in school, I worked in the fields of our family agriculture business. This pattern continued into high school, college, grad school and then my career.

I had always worked around men in a competitive environment. I couldn’t relate or connect to my female counterparts. All I knew was that I was to be successful, dominate in my field, provide for my family (if one ever occurred), never show emotions, and to treat the people in my life as secondary to me and my success. My work environment resembled the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. At work, the men saw women as prey, and there was no way I was going to be that. Like my male co-workers, I became a predator at work and in my dating life. I became as much of an arrogant ass as the men I worked with.

Still, no matter how much money I made or perceived power and control I had, it all was an empty shell of shame, pain, disappointment, and loneliness. I took pride in my isolation, autonomy, not being emotional and definitely not being vulnerable. Soon it became this armor I lost decades living in. I realized there had to be more out there than this.

First, I got a therapist. I tried for years, but it just kept me stuck in the past and not moving forward. Second, I tried self-help books. Then, I tried making more female friends since they were to be good at the emotional stuff. Oh trust me, I had become just as ignorant as some of my male friends. Last, I turned to religion and spirituality. I thought if I was devoted enough or perfect enough, grace would come to me but it didn’t. I even tried bargaining with my higher power, yet the reality was that the courage, compassion and coping skills I so desperately need were not going to be downloaded into my head. I still had to do the heavy lifting.

However, none it helped. I realized that the change I desired could only come from me doing some hard work on me. When I was in my early 40’s, a friend of mine asked if this is what I wanted my life to look like when I was 50? It was the best slap in the face I could have gotten. I realized that it was time to stop worrying about what others thought and get vulnerable. It was time to face my fears and dig into the scars from my past, the pain, the shame, all the rejection, and meet me … the real ME.

Wow was I amazing! It was a journey of courage and curiosity to get to where I am today, but it was worth it. I had to learn how to leave my own prison of masculinity behind and embrace myself not defined by traditional limiting views of masculinity, femininity or success and uncover the person locked deep inside me.

Now you may say, “She just a chick how could she know what I feel as a guy?” or say, “I need to learn from a man who gets me.”. Well, let me tell you the hard shitty truth – Men aren’t helping men. There is a small population of men over 30 who have begun to redefine masculinity for other men, but they are few and far between. Second, studies have shown men feel more comfortable exploring shame, fear and vulnerability with a woman. Third, in order to work on our shame, fear, compassion and vulnerability so that we can actually connect to another human being, you need to have someone who has already done the work and is strong enough to create a safe judgement-free space.

I am that person.

As Einstein pointed out so wisely,”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”. Maybe it’s time you tried something new.

Is what you have been doing working for you?

Is happiness magically falling in your lap?

Are the people in your life creating safe spaces for you to grow, heal and feel seen?

If not, it’s time for a change because what is your other option - Staying unhappy?

You are worth it. Click the link below and take the first step towards being seen, being heard, being accepted and the courage to create lasting change in your own life.

After all, all you have to lose is your anger, frustration, unhappiness, shame and loneliness.

Coaching vs Therapy

What is life coaching?

It is an interactive process that provides a pathway to personal growth. On your journey, you will identify challenges and clear obstacles standing in the way of your happiness and fulfillment. Your coach will create a safe space for you to self-realize and find self-acceptance.

What is life enhancement?

Eros Enhancement takes traditional coaching and spices it up by integrating submission and leadership with a FemDom through a 90 day process. If willing, we also incorporate chastity for the duration of the process. Utilizing this method allows men to focus on their spiritual and soulful self without the distraction of sexual thoughts. You will have an opportunity to select the level of kink interwoven into your unique growth process.

FemDom Life Enhancement from Vanilla to Kink!


Co-creative equal partnership. Coaches work alongside you as a partner.

Coaches are future-oriented and help you deal with the present to work towards your goals and a more desirable future.

Coaches do not diagnose conditions of any kind.

Coaches help you identify challenges and works with you to turn them into victories, holding you accountable to reach your desired goals.

Coaches often work with someone for 3, 6, or 12 months - sometimes longer.


Doctor-Patient relationship. Therapists are licensed healthcare professionals.

Therapists are past-oriented and help you work through traumatic experiences and seek healing.

Therapists provide professional expertise and guidelines to give you a path to healing.

Therapists focus on diagnosing health conditions and disorders, and are able to prescribe medications to combat symptoms or cure a condition.

Therapists often work with someone for many, many years.

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